Bollywood’s real life love stories that did not have a happy ending!

We all know that relationship in this fabulous industry of Bollywood change at the squint on an eye. Today’s closest friends turn out to be worst enemies tomorrow, while some lovey-dovey couples go on to become the worst ex-sweethearts one can each have.

A life without love is no life at all! Be that as it may, love is not an easy affair, is it? Some of the time, it is just about affection and not about the cheerful ending. What’s more, these Bollywood couples must have understood very well. You may discover love in your life, yet whether it remains with you perpetually or not, that is something that your destiny will choose.


So here’s the rundown of such romantic tales that did not have an upbeat ending.

Sahil Khan and Ayesha Shroff


Jackie Shroff’s actor and producer wife, Ayesha Shroff, was evidently infatuated with “Style” actor Sahil Khan. They were business accomplices and bits of gossip proposed that they were romantically involved too. However, things turned sour and Ayesha at that point register a police complaint against Sahil claiming that he duped her of Rs 5 crore. Sahil at that point countered saying that she spent that cash on her willing as they were having an affair. Stunned with this, Ayesha at that point said that Sahil Khan is gay.


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