Before Pari, 12 Bollywood horror films you need to binge watch

Anushka Sharma is give her appearance in Bollywood Horror films 'Pari'. But since it is not only single horrortale in the list of Bollywood's scariest movies? Before Anushka Sharma's Pari hit the screen, check out the Indian horror films which cannot be missed.

Anushka Sharma‘s most recent production film Pari is near the release and prepared to challenge the typical horror films made in Indian cinema. Pari’s various teasers and trailer propose that the film may very well be one of the scariest and bloodiest movies found lately. While we are yet upbeat to welcome a film which takes a gander at standard with a few Hollywood horror and guts movies, if Pari manages to win hearts, it’ll turn the tables for Bollywood which keeps on battling when it is about exploring the horror genre.


As far back as Indian silver screen came into hard to scare the audience. While just a modest bunch figured out how to convincingly send chills down the spine, others just wound up giving us some funny looking draculas with distending teeth, coarse prosthetics and deafening background score. These exclusive wind up in the B-grade category of movies we can watch every day on our TV screens past midnight. In short, Bollywood has almost failed to do justice to the word ‘horror’. While Pari looks encouraging, here we give you a rundown of 10 thrillers Bollywood gave us, which are terrifying, even underrated now and again, however certainly not worth a miss.

1. Raat

Ragni MMS

Revathi might be one of the most beautiful and charming faces on and off screen, yet here is one film where we got the opportunity to see an alternate side of her. One of the best movies from Ram Gopal Varma, Raat is a powerful spine chiller rotating around Mini who gets controlled by the soul of a dead kitten soon after her family moves into another house. The way Raat makes the dread of hush and dim makes it a cult classic today.

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2. 13B

13B movie

What happens when the event of a TV show turn into a reality for your family? Here, we simply don’t mean the saas-bahu battles or the drama. Madhavan and Neetu Chandra’s family moves to another loft on the thirteenth floor and soon everybody gets snared to a TV serial which appears to show the past and foresee the future in an unpleasant ghostly way. It’s solid content and an astonishing troupe guaranteed 13B made it to this rundown.

3. Raaz


Vikram Bhatt’s best blood and guts movie up until now, this one cemented Bipasha Basu’s position in Bollywood. Raaz was propelled by What Lies Beneath and was nearly at standard with the first. Bips plays Sanjana, a wife trying to save her marriage from a ghost, which at last leads her to find that her better half has an association with everything dreadful occurring in their lives. Malini Mishra’s depiction of the insidious soul was as spooky as Bipasha’s verse she recounts sporting dark and sitting on a staircase. The voice of the ghost saying “Sanjana” still echoes in our ears!

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4. Bhoot

Bhoot 2003

Starring the queen of Bollywood spine chillers – Urmila Matondkar, Bhoot was RGV’s second Indian supernatural horror film outing and a somewhat grasping one. The film, sans any melodies, had Urmila play a had wife in a hunted house as her husband Ajay Devgn tries to disentangle reality behind the vengeance looking for soul. It was significantly Urmila’s unconventional demonstration that made this film one of the scariest.

5. Mahal

Mahal 1949 Horror Movie
Bollywood’s first tryst with loathsomeness keeps on spooking us even after decades. The 1949 film, which managed the subject of resurrection, had the entrancing Madhubala ahead of the pack. The best part is even without VFX, a staple of any spine chiller today, Mahal can startle the hellfire out of anybody even today.

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6. Ek Thi Daayan

Ek The Daayan

Considering daayans (witches) existing, in actuality, may be the spookiest thing one can envision. Yet, this film left us with that scary inclination. The heavenly spine chiller was an alternate sort of endeavor in the class. Those who’ve seen it will concur why Konkana Sen Sharma is better when she does frightfulness. That’s all anyone needs to know!

7. Vastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra

On the off chance that there is one film in Bollywood which is the ideal case of how to make fear with its sheer foundation score, it must be this Sushmita Sen starrer. The film spun around a spooky house and how the child of the family becomes a close acquaintance with ‘Manish and Jyoti’, the kids who don’t exist!

8. Ragini MMS

Ragni MMS

A couple’s wicked end of the week escape gets ugly when the vacant cabin they pick for entertainment only is really spooky by a dead woman! It was allegedly in view of a genuine story and may likewise help you to remember American powerful admission Paranormal Activity. This one was excessively dreadful, and the feeling of dread oblivious and its definitive end guaranteed that this film discovers put in this rundown. Its continuation had Sunny Leone yet she just couldn’t keep us on the edge of our seats, as much as Ragini MMS did. Just to remind you, this was one of the main movies of Rajkummar Rao.

9. Kohraa


One of Bollywood’s underlying analyses with frightfulness was a truly fruitful one, to such an extent that Kohraa has turned into an exemplary today. Adjusted from Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 novel Rebecca, Kohraa is associated with its well known (and excessively alarming) peak scene. Rebecca may have additionally turned into an Academy Award-winning film adjusted by Alfred Hitchcock, yet we can wager our desi variant was no less, in actuality perhaps better!

10. 1920

1920 Movie

This film demonstrated why we don’t require well-known appearances to transform a thriller into a hit. A few scenes in this Vikram Bhatt directorial reminded us of The Exorcist, however, were excessively persuading. 1920 rotates around a wedded couple living in a spooky house in the year 1920. From an illustrious work of art to a puzzling overseer, 1920 won’t have anything exceptional, but rather it demonstrated us off-base. Its solid screenplay and an immaculate period setting gave us chills, numerous chills!

11. Naina


Another featuring Urmila, Naina is a change of Hong Kong-Singaporean blood and guts movie The Eye and gets immensely startling after the enormous wind. The sleeper hit significantly depended on Urmila’s astounding depiction of a young lady who starts seeing apparitions after a corneal transplant.

12. Pizza


This one is very underrated yet an extremely alarming one. It takes after the occasions when a pizza man touches base at a house to make a conveyance, just to acknowledge it is spooky. Alongside each cut of his pizza, comes a progression of killings and a considerable measure of chills. Pizza is an ideal return to Agatha Christie’s secret novel And Then There Were None.

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