7 Gorgeous Mother-Daughter Jodis Of Bollywood

Here are 7 mother-daughter twosomes that are overwhelming Bollywood.

Dimple Kapadia and Twinkle Khanna


The excellent Dimple Kapadia was a sensation back in the 70s and every last bit of her appeal has rubbed off on her similarly flawless daughter, Twinkle Khanna. Indeed, even in the wake of being far from the business for a long while now, these two never neglect to astonish each celebrity lane or photoshoot they do together.

Tanuja and Kajol


Conveying forward Tanuja Mukherjee‘s dazzling looks and ability is Kajol. This mother-little girl team dependably figures out how to look exquisite and requests a specific regard from the group wherever they go, without requesting it. Their brilliant grins are known to catch numerous hearts!

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